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Become a Continuum Collective Ambassador


Become a Continuum Collective Ambassador

Think equal parts goodwill ambassador and feminist revolutionary. People who love Continuum and want to get more involved. The CC Ambassadors program is a way to connect with ContinuumHQ, while helping to shape the feminist movement. Ambassadors represent Continuum in their cities and communities. They grow our international tribe by growing their local tribe. CC Ambassadors get sneak peeks to events and brainstorm new programming with our team.


What do you do?

Assemble a sacred feminist tribe of your own, make new friends, connect with new colleagues, shape the revolution, or even stage a small coup. 

CC Ambassadors spread the good word of Continuum in their community, campus, network, family, and to those random friends on social media.

Connect with other CC Ambassadors.

Organize your own Feminist Happy Hours (location: anywhere; alcohol: optional).

Wear Continuum swag around town.

Bring theHive Tour to your city (coordinated with ContinuumHQ).


What do you get?

10% off all at the Continuum Shop.

Connect with other CC Ambassadors in your city and around the world (yes gurrrl, we’re international) on Facebook, LinkedIn, and in person at local meetups.

Your network is your power. Trust that. CC Ambassadors expand their personal and professional networks with fellow revolutionaries and powerbitches. Think new friends, mentors, and professional opportunities. Connection and belonging with a group of likeminded badasses.

Membership into the exclusive and uber-cool CC Ambassadors crew.

Spotlight across the entire Continuum Collective (7,400+)

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