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Authentic, radical, interconnected feminism

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Welcome to Continuum.

Join the Continuum Collective, a tribe of feminist creators, connectors, activists, and influencers.

What is Continuum?

Continuum is a global think tank devoted to authentic, radical, interconnected feminism. Continuum Experts-In-Residence, our village elders, carefully curate content, events, and braintrust circles to feed your inner-feminist and foster your outer-revolutionary. Ours is a feminist vision of the beloved community where patriarchy is radically challenged through the collective.

Continuum hosts a variety of live and virtual events, produces the Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast, leads deep-dive dialogues, designs and facilitates workshops and trainings, and officiates a vibrant online forum.

What is Continuum Collective?

The Continuum Collective is our tribe of creators, connectors, provocateurs, raconteurs, intellectuals, and activists that drive the movement. They are question askers, boundary pushers, name takers, and social changers.

Same same but different. The Continuum Collective conjures magic through authentic connection and richly vibrant and intentionally diverse kinship. Local chapters are led by our Continuum Collective Ambassadors, who host feminist happy hours.

Our movement is co-created by the global community via Continuum's live and virtual events, deep-dive dialogues, and in our vibrant online forum.

Wait. But, why?

First, fuck patriarchy and all this misogynistic, racist, exploitative, silencing, dehumanizing bullshit!  

Smashing patriarchy requires collective, intentional, intersectional action. Continuum grew out of our collective need to pause, breathe, listen, connect, and move forward, together. 

Isolated in our own pain, we are taught that bad things happen to us because we are bad people. In reality, bad things happen to us because the system itself is bad. If we remain isolated, patriarchy, white supremacy, and exploitative hyper-capitalism will fester. We must take action together.

Continuum feeds your feminist mind, body, and soul. Our message is simple: Here, you matter. Here, you are important. Here, you belong. And here, We Take Action. Learn and share and grow into a feminist revolutionary with us. 


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Change the World

Change the world with us in 1 ... 2 ... 3 ways. Pick your pleasure. Become a revolutionary.




Make magic with us at a Continuum event

From theHive to Feminist Happy Hour to Manifesting Purpose workshops, we've got your covered. Attend a Continuum event to start your journey toward feminist badassery and powerbitch-hood.

Apply to become a Continuum Collective Ambassador

Become a Continuum Collective Ambassador. Build your network. Be a leader in your community. Host a Feminist Happy Hour.

Support the Revolution

The honest truth is everything costs money, including the revolution. Continuum exist only because of collective support. Make a small monthly pledge through Patreon. Contributions start at the absurdly low $1/month. Yes, ONE-DOLLAR!


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