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Fuck misogyny, white supremacy, all this dehumanizing bullshit!

Ours is a movement for authentic, radical, internconnected feminism.


Continuum is a global think tank devoted to intentional, authentic, and interconnected feminism. Our team carefully curates content, events, and braintrust circles to feed your inner-feminist and foster your outer-badass. Ours is a feminist vision of the beloved community where patriarchy is radically challenged through the power of "collective".

Continuum hosts a variety of live and virtual events, produces the Radicals & Revolutionaries Labpodcast, leads deep-dive dialogues, designs and facilitates workshops and trainings, and officiates a vibrant online forum.



We are question askers, boundary pushers, name takers, and social changers.

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Jillian J. Foster is the founder of and godmother to Continuum. In 2010, Jillian started hosting theHive, Continuum's feminist salon a la brunch. The idea was simple; all are welcome, food is necessary, and the revolution requires diligent question asking and deep-dive dialogue. Work and studies took Jillian from California to Idaho to London to Tajikistan to Washington, DC and to New York City.  Jillian took theHive with her, adding feminist happy hours in 2014.

Continuum and the Continuum Collective movement now includes thousands of powerful and innovative feminists dedicated to intentional, interconnected, intersectional feminism.

When not at Continuum events, as the voice behind the Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast, or sharing her radical musings on our blog, you can find Jillian researching gender, peace and security, interviewing women for the Women In Conflict Project, or diving into gender and data at Global Insight.


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Continuum Experts-in-Residence


Kait Scalisi: Sex, Pleasure & Bodies

Kait Scalisi, MPH is an acclaimed sex educator who helps women find #freedominpleasure. Through her ridiculously fun + practical blog posts, workshops, and trainings, she’s here to help you create a more intimate, exciting, & fulfilling sex - while feeling totally comfortable and without spending hours a day on intimacy-building activities.

Her work integrating sex-positivity and sexual health has brought her to institutions such as Yale School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, and Northeastern University. Her “try them tonight tips” have also been featured in magazines & websites like Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Elle, and Redbook, among others.

And when she’s teaching you how to say OMG YES to your desires and hell no to all the societal BS holding you back, you can find her indulging in dark chocolate, living room dance parties, & her witchy side with essential oils, crystals, and meditation. Find Kait at

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Patricia Jerido: Sustainable Leadership

As a coach and facilitator for social justice and social change individuals and organizations, Patricia offers her experience in mindfulness practice and whole-hearted leadership. She encourages people to lead without fear of having to pretend to be anything other than who they are. Patricia offers advice on how to pay attention to your inner-self as you work to make positive changes in the world around you. By aligning your values with your actions you will find that you are more effective in your advocacy and you will develop sustainability to work on difficult issues and find yourself feeling replenished rather than drained of energy. 

Patricia Jerido is the Principal Consultant at Leadership Matters Consulting. Patricia is a trained M.S.W., social worker, and has over 25 years experience in social justice work. She has worked as an advocate, board member, coach, community organizer, fundraiser, funder, individual and group work counselor, strategist, and trainer. As a program officer for Open Society Foundations and the Ms. Foundation for Women, Patricia has assessed and assisted social justice organizations in improving skills in communications, fundraising, board leadership, and program development. Her clients have included the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Association of Black Foundation Executives, Black Youth Project100, the Ford Foundation, the Center for Social Inclusion, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center, the New York Women’s Foundation, the Racial Justice Collaborative, the Women’s Funding Network, and many others. Patricia is the board chair for the Center for Artistic Activism and volunteers on the Steering Committee for Participatory Budgeting in NYC. Learn more:


Dahlia Shaaban: Nutrition & Wellness

Dahlia Shaaban is a DC-based teacher, speaker, and coach in nutrition and yoga.  Her method, Live Deliciously, offers creative structure for busy professionals to plan and prepare healthy, exciting plant-based meals, and cultivate the foundation for a nourished, connected lifestyle. Before launching her Live Delciintegrative health practice, she began her career in Middle East conflict resolution, serving in the Iraq Program at the U.S Institute of Peace. She has taught nutrition and yoga in workplaces, schools, and wellness centers throughout the DC metro area and abroad in Cairo and Beirut.