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Co-create your beloved feminist community

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Continuum Collective

We are a tribe of creators, connectors, provocateurs, intellectuals, storytellers, and activists committed to the radical act of authentic, intentional, interconnected feminism.

Continuum Collective is for those committed to thought, theory, and action.

We worship at the alter of relational social justice. Our community is for those who understand that social change is best built on a foundation of showing up for, listening to, and truly knowing one another. Ours is a communal space that asks you to enter as authentically you, with all your fractured imperfections and curiosities welcome. Together we co-create the beloved feminist community.

We are a collective built on three pillars. Knowledge is the key. Community is power. Purpose drives success.



The heart of our work is radical inquiry

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Through a ritual of discovery we access the knowledge that allows us to put words to things felt, seen, and heard but previously unspoken. Knowledge allows us to speak into existence what we always knew was there but struggled to contextualize and define. Silenced no more, we work to harness the wisdom of those that call on each of us to listen, learn, and do. At the heart of this process is curiosity. Together we ask questions, push boundaries, and step into new areas of inquiry. What does this look like?

Imagine the gender studies course of your dreams. Each month a new discussion is led around a central element of feminist theory. Readings and lecture provided.

Access exclusive and pre-release episodes of the Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast. 

Participate in private Q&A's with guests from the Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast.



Your community is your power.

We have been conditioned away from connecting to others because doing so makes us more powerful. Together we are stronger. Our collective is built on an interconnection where you are heard, seen, and safe. Here you matter. Here you are home. Here you are known and understood.

Continuum Collective is a thriving generative community. We enter this space as imperfect beings, full of beautiful complexities. Understanding that we are all at different points on the "feminist journey", we ask our members to build the intimacy of this group through open, honest, and authentic communication. Disagreement is ok. Mistakes and awkward phrasing is expected. We are all imperfect beings, and learning and growing together. Being vulnerable like this is both scary and exciting.

We invite you to come as you are, contributing your time, talents, and resources to co-create this beloved feminist community with us.

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Purpose and intention drive success.

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There is nothing more compelling than a self-defined and self-directed woman. Continuum Collective members learn to engage in radical inquiry, to access their inner-voice, locate and define their desires and "bliss", and to become empowered "woke" beings.

Liberate yourself. Learn to show up for yourself and for others. Harness your power by stepping into your purpose and building your vision. Be the author of your own life story. 

Exclusive discount on Continuum's Power & Purpose workshop where you learn techniques to clear out the haze of insecurity, silence the voices of negative self-talk, reconnect with your purpose, define your vision, and recenter your nexus of power.

Special offers on Continuum and partner organization events, content, and products.


Continuum Collective Member Benefits

  • Gender studies course of your dreams, taught by a university professor, for a fraction of the cost. Each month a new discussion is led around a central element of feminist theory. Readings and lecture provided.

  • Exclusive access to a growing global network of fellow badasses sharing, learning, and a creating the revolution together. Connect with the right people and information to take your feminist practice to the next level.

  • Exclusive access to our app so you can take your support network wherever you go.

  • Exclusive access to our dedicated digital braintrusts so you can collaborate and get answers, ideas, and inspiration.

  • Insider conversations with feminist masters and thought leaders on subjects ranging from investing, starting or growing a business, and making a film to sexuality+neuroscience, feminist theology, whole-body medicine, revenge porn and sexting, running for office, and sparking a political movement (aka revolution). There's a lot to talk about.

  • Connections to local members so you can meet and grow a strong community in your area. Your community is your power. 

  • Exclusive and pre-release episodes of the Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast. 
  • Private Q&A sessions with guests from the Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast.

  • Invitations to members-only events, both virtual and in-person.

  • Access to pre-release tickets for events.

  • Exclusive discounts on Continuum (and partner organization) events and merchandise.

  • Discounted tickets to theHiveX and Purpose & Power workshops.


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Build. Cultivate. Learn. Grow your feminist practice with Continuum.


Build Your Community

  • Take the theHiveX training & host your own gathering

  • Start a Continuum Club at your school

  • Become a Continuum Collective Ambassador & host a Feminist Happy Hour



Cultivate Your International Feminist Community

  • Join Continuum Collective
  • Read, discuss, learn from Continuum's Gender Studies 101 course
  • Access exclusive Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast episodes
  • Participate in members-only Q&A sessions with thought leaders from Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast

Learn from the Masters

  • Listen to the Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast
  • Join Continuum Collective to access exclusive podcast content and guest Q&As sessions

Grow your Feminist Practice to the Next Level

  • Find your purpose and access your power at Continuum's Purpose & Power Workshop
  • Attend theHive gathering hosted by Continuum
  • Attend or host theHiveX gathering in your area
  • Bring Continuum to your school, university, business, or community group for a custom workshop
  • Host a live Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab in your area

Continuum is a global think tank devoted to cultivating and sharing an authentic, radical, interconnected feminism. We seek to feed your inner-feminist and foster your outer-revolutionary. Ours is a feminist vision of the beloved community where patriarchy is radically challenged through the collective. To learn more subscribe to our newsletter below. To contact us about collaboration, please email